Gear Review! Are Wine Coolers Really Different from Standard Fridges?

wineFor wine lovers, probably you will need to store several bottles in your house. This is awesome especially when you have guests around, because sipping some wine will take your conversation to another level. However, many of you face challenges when it comes to wine keeping. If you have a standard refrigerator, it will not do the best for wine storage.

You may have come across various terms such as home refrigerators and wine coolers, but they have distinct meaning and uses. Home fridges are typically for storing food and specific beverages, but not suitable for wines. Home fridges vary temperatures and other people keep on opening it frequently. As stated by WineCoolerLab, the best wine coolers are not frequently used by family members. Therefore, wine sediments can comfortably settle and help in preserving your wine. They also maintain the corks moist, and prevent air from entering the bottle. Note this; air entering the bottle can spoil your wine!

Additional benefits of wine coolers are that they are portable, though depending on the number of bottles inside. You can as well regulate temperature and humidity you want for your wines. As I said earlier, sediments need to be allowed to settle undisturbed. Home fridges vibrate, thus interfering with the state of your wines. So, if you want the wine to have that good taste, use wine coolers instead of the standard home fridges.

Main Differences between Wine Coolers and Standard Fridges

  1. Temperature regulation

Wine coolers are designed with temperature range set for wines to stay at finest temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted based on what you want, but the range still remains the best optimal for storing wines.

Standard fridges do not store items at a steady temperature, while wine coolers keep items at constant temperature as possible. In addition, wine coolers are not frequently opened and closed, especially where there are kids. Fridges are opened even more than 5 times a day, and this affects the steady temperature required for keeping wines.

  1. Stability of the content’s condition

Wine coolers ensure your wines stay in good conditions until the day you want to drink. They ensure the cork stays moist, hence preventing air from entering the bottle when cork dries up. Due to frequent opening and closing of the fridges, wine corks are likely to dry and allow air into the bottle.

Also, opening and closing keeps ‘disturbing’ the wines, hence interrupting the sediments from settling. This makes the wine to have a different taste, which does not add up to the original flavor you want. It is also difficult to keep the wines on their sides in a fridge, and that is why your wines will have a different tang. Remember, wines should be kept on their sides to maintain the quality of taste. A fridge cannot fit several wine bottles on their sides due to limited space, and therefore the need for a wine cooler to store them.

  1. Convenience in storage

If you receive visitors frequently, you will need to store different kinds of wines. For instance, red and white wines cater for people with different preferences. If you usually drink both, you will want to keep them in your house too. Wine coolers have separate compartments to store different wines, unlike fridges. Every compartment has its own temperature control, ensuring wines stay at their optimum temperatures.

  1. Vibrations

Standard fridges usually vibrate, making them unfit for keeping wines. As I said earlier, best wine should be allowed to settle its sediments without disturbances. The best units to store your wines are wine coolers, as they don’t vibrate too hard. Even though you will open the wine cooler occasionally, that small change in temperature cannot ruin your wines. I don’t mean wine coolers don’t vibrate at all. What they have is a steady fine vibration that cannot be felt by the wine bottles.

  1. Compressor cooling system

Most wine coolers with thermoelectric cooling systems ensure minimal vibrations. They are ideal for storing wines, unlike standard fridges that vibrate vividly. Fridges are made to store food stuffs, and they have too many parts to cater for that. This is why they are always vibrating, and can harm the quality of your wines.

If you really like drinking wine, it is better to have your wine cooler alongside the standard fridge. Both units are essential, as you will not be tempted to store wine in the fridge. Also, the fridge will take care of preserving you foods without worrying about the quality of your wines.

Keep Clean Your Bathroom – History of Toilets

In the modern times, good health and proper sanitation are just two of the most fundamental needs of humans. The world has been plagued by various kinds of diseases caused by unsanitary practices when dealing with human waste, the deadliest of which is cholera. Thankfully, technological advancements have dramatically reduced this incidence in almost all parts of the planet. Nevertheless, we can’t help but asking how toilets came out to be the way it is today.


History and Development

Contrary to what most people may think, toilets were already invented in as early as the 3rd century BC particularly in India. Ancient civilizations that did not belong to the upper class were believed to have just used open pit latrines and squatted on the grounds above it. Pit latrines are dry toilet systems where holes are dug on the soil and human excreta that will be dumped on these areas are used as fertilizers or are simply covered again with soil. Water is not necessary with these types and is especially useful for those living in remote areas that have scarce water supplies. Primitive designs generally used flowing water to clean the waste. Most of their practices involve squatting near a designated hole on the floor instead of sitting, which was only started by the Westerners in the middle of the 19th century.

Another alternative to dry toilet systems are chamber pots during the Middle Ages. Chamber pots are similar to what we now know as bed pans in the hospital. These are frequently used during night-time and are disposed of in the morning in specialized areas. For the affluent societies such as in Rome and Greece, the receptacles are even intricately decorated to make it look more stylish and pleasing.

Flush Toilets

According to historians, John Harrington from Britain first conceptualized the flush toilet in the 15th century. Despite this, it was only until 1775 when Flush ToiletsAlexander Cummings, an inventor from Scotland, was given authority to produce the flush toilet. This is a huge breakthrough since it definitely did enhance the sanitation of toilets and dramatically reduced the unpleasant smell. Less significant improvements were made after this, mostly adjustments to some mechanisms and valves to lessen leakages, and in the 19th century, Thomas Crapper from England made this invention even more popular to European households.

According to, flush toilets contain water that serves as a seal inside the bowl in order to stop the unpleasant odor coming from the sewer into the bathroom. Common types work through a filled water tank and by pushing a lever, the water immediately flushes out the excreta into a sewer or a septic tank. Typical flush toilets use large quantities of drinking water, although newer models require lesser amounts and can even be installed with a plumbing system that allows water from laundry or dishwashers for use in flushing.

For those who are eager to save money and water without compromising cleanliness, a cheaper alternative to the conventional flush toilet is the pour flush toilet. This type does not contain a cistern to flush out the waste and instead, allows minimal amounts of water to be poured into the bowl for flushing.

Modern Toilets

Technology is improving the way toilets are made. From the typical flush toilets, inventors from Japan have created a version where sensors are installed to flush the urine and feces automatically without pressing a button or lever. Aside from that, newer models have the capacity to spray the person’s perineal area with water, reducing the need for tissues. Some manufacturers even made an interactive toilet that allows the person to make commands and play games while using the toilet.

Portable toilets which are chemically treated are now available for public use especially during events such as parades and festivals. This helps maintain privacy, cleanliness and good hygiene in our public areas.

These advancements in the way our toilets work are definite proof of how far we have come from earlier civilizations.

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How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

There are many thermostat brands on the market that we would take forever before exhausting their functionalities. Therefore, I zeroed in on the Nest Thermostats. Let us see what features make these thermostats amazing:

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work

Auto Schedule

This thermostat can program itself within a week of installation. It creates a personalized schedule based on the programmed temperature. It also continues to adapt to your dynamic life. Here are the inbuilt sensors that make this happen:

  • Humidity sensors

This device’s humidity sensors show you the indoor moisture and manage the entire house dehumidifier or humidifier.

  • Temperature sensors

There are three sensors, and they track the temperature inside the house and how fast it changes.

  • Activity sensors

These have a 150-degree wide angle view. That enables the thermostat to turn on Auto-Away in most of the house.


Safety Temperature Alerts

With this device, you shall receive alerts on your smartphone when the house is either so hot or so cold. That enables you to know before your pet overheats or your plumbing freezes.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work

Nest Leaf

That pops up when you have turned the thermostat to an energy efficient temperature. It points you in the right direction.


Auto Away

After leaving your house, the thermostat senses that you are gone thus adjusts the temperature automatically. That means that you never have to waste energy to cool or heat up an empty house.


Air Wave

With this thermostat, you can save some money on cooling your house during summer. The feature automatically makes the air conditioning run less when the humidity is not high yet ensures that the house stays cool.



Sometime after installation, the device gets to know how long it takes before the house gets heated up or cooled down. Therefore, it can efficiently show you how long it shall take it before reaching your desired temperature.


Cool to Dry

Are you living in a hot and humid climate? This feature helps to keep your home dry without using a dehumidifier.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work


If the device gets heated up by direct sun rays, it shall adjust automatically to read and then set the appropriate temperature.


One Account, Several Devices

Are you in need of smart thermostats that can communicate with more than one house? The Nest Thermostat is the ideal appliance.

  • Two homes – You can control these smart thermostats in two different locations from one Nest account. All you have to do is to check the temperature of the place you are going to and adjust it to suit your needs.
  • Multi-zone homes – You can control almost 20 smart thermostat devices from one account. They shall work well together and properly coordinate the Auto-Away feature.


Remote Control

You can efficiently adjust the schedule, alter the temperature, and get your energy history anywhere you may be as long as you have Internet access.


Weather Sensitive

Using Wi-Fi, Nest smart thermostats check for the forecast as well as the current weather. That makes it understand how the outdoor temperature affects your energy consumption.


Automatic Updates

As long as your thermostat has an Internet connection, it shall receive daily software upgrades.

Nest Learning Thermostat updates its software automatically over Wi-Fi within a week of update release. The feature requires you to have Nest app 4.1 or later and thermostat software 4.3 or later.

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

There are some requirements for the Nest Thermostat to download an update successfully, they include:

  • Internet connection
  • Battery life of 3.7 V or more. However, you need not worry because if the battery life is low when the update comes in, it shall update after charging the battery.
  • The thermostat is not actively cooling or heating
  • You are not turning the ring to change temperature


Secure, Reliable and Private

Nest knows that it is crucial to keep everything about your tucked away from the prying or hacker’s eye. Therefore, Nest uses public key cryptography. The security features are 128-bit encryption, SSL, and HTTPs.

Besides that, there is the free Nest application that allows you to set up your Nest devices, view their statuses, and change their settings. Here are the basics:

  • You can stay connected wherever you are and regardless of the appliance you are using.
  • You have unlimited access to all your devices

To use the Nest application, you need:

  • At least one Nest device
  • A Nest account, it is free, and you can create one on the application login screen.
  • A Wi-Fi network to connect to the Internet

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Benefits of a dehydrator from a child health point?

I think all mothers go through the phase of wanting to be a master chef. I’m at the point of learning how to bake. I’ve found it very convenient to use dried food for cheesecakes, cakes, cupcakes, bread and almost every pastry in the world! There are many dried fruits in the grocery store, but it’s a lot more fun if you use a Food Dehydrator.

Food drying is a way to preserve not just fruits, but vegetables as well. In the ancient times, people used to dry their food the old –fashioned way by leaving it in a table top to air dry but thanks to technology because now we have food dehydrators. Here are some tips for food sealing in this post.

How does a Food Dehydrator work?

Basically, this small appliance will preserve your food by removing the moisture from it. When moisture is eliminated, it automatically extends the shelf life of your pantry supplies because there is no longer any water where bacteria can grow. I’ve done it many times even with tomatoes and I have proven it to be true! I actually spend a lot of time researching different kinds of food that I can dehydrate. My kids mostly enjoyHow does a Food Dehydrator work? eating dried mangoes. I slice some mangoes, put them in sugar and dehydrate them. As the dehydrator removes the moisture from the healthy fruit, the mangoes also absorb the sweetness of the sugar. It’s an easy and healthy to-go snack for my children.

How is a Food Dehydrator Beneficial to my Children?

I’m speaking from experience here when I say that my children appreciated eating vegetables and fruits more often ever since I started dehydrating them.

Some mothers would argue that dehydrating food would deprive its consumer of the majority of the vitamins and minerals present in it. But this is not true at all. In fact, even if a food is dehydrated, it delivers the same amount of minerals and nutrients as its fresh counterpart.

It’s a challenge to let my children eat fiber rich foods to aid in their digestion because they aren’t delicious. But uncooked food can be easily delicious once they’re dehydrated. In fact, this technique has been used in fiber rich foods way, way back the biblical times. My kids eat dehydrated vegetables on a daily basis. I simply slice them into small pieces and mix them in different dishes and sometimes, even sauces. My little girl particularly likes her chicken with a gravy sauce that I make that includes dried mushrooms.

Another benefit that can help your mothering objectives is the fact that this kitchen appliance is very cost effective. Dried fruits and vegetables are quite expensive when sold in the market. But if you dehydrate it yourself, it’s like you slashed your expenses in half.

Healthy snacking is also one benefit that you and your kids enjoy. Your children can get the crunch that they love from unhealthy potato chips from dehydrated nuts or banana chips. I have actually invested in cute containers so my children can bring these healthy snacks to school. The best thing about letting your children bring dehydrated food to school is that it does not become messy. There is no moisture involved at all. They keep their things and themselves clean.  No more washing stained shirts during laundry day!

Food Dehydrator Tips

I’ve been using my food dehydrator for a little over 5 months and here are some tips I want to share. For further info check this ultimate list of dehydrator usage!

  1. Separate Flavors – don’t mix the sweet with the savory. You’re not going to like how that turns out. Just make a schedule for when you want to dehydrate different flavors.
  2. Cut Fruits or Vegies in half – I have found it a lot faster to dehydrate if I cut in half grapes, tomatoes, cherries and similar food.
  3. Don’t Overlap Food – as mothers, we have the tendency to maximize our space. It’s not the case for food dehydrators. As much as possible, just dry one kind of food at a time so that you don’t mix flavors together, unless you’re using all those food in one dish.

I strongly suggest mothers like me who love to cook start saving a budget for a food dehydrator. You may check product reviews online. I may recommend one expert for reviews.

This is one kitchen appliance that is totally worth it!

Choosing a Trendy Hairstyle for your Son

Deciding your children’s haircut depends mainly on your child’s character. Besides, you, as a modern man, do not want to appear in the same hairstyle look every day. Therefore, this article shall illustrate you some techniques you can adapt to get your hairstyle at home without consuming your money and time at the saloon.

There are some necessary tools the man needs to consider before thinking of cutting his hair at home, i.e. a good sharp scissor, a fine-tooth comb, and a clipper and sometimes you would need a fair spray. There are plenty of informative websites to help you choose appropriate clippers, you may check HairstylerLab for detailed comparison charts. Be careful, each one of these tools has different types and features, so you have to choose the one that suits your hair-type, prosperity, and density. Besides, these tools differ depending on the age – children, teenagers, and youths. However, whatever tool you preferred to use, be sure that it is in a good quality and gives the requested results.

To cut your hair at home, just follow these simple steps:

-First, wash your hair with some water because the wet hair is better to better to style and cut your hair easily, or you can wet it with some spray, that would be ok.mohawk with clippers

-Now, divide your hair into some sections with your comb, so the cutting process can go easily.

-Put the hair between your fingers and start cutting each section alone.

-After each cut checks the equality of the length of the sections with your comb.

– Your fingers are your best tool to raise the hair up your head and estimate the length in front of your mirror.

– It is your choice whether to shave the parts that are beside your ears and up your neck.

Once you have decided to cut your hair yourself, you have to decide what hairstyle you want to apply. Here are some common models you can pick.

Mohawk: An American origin hairstyle. It depends mainly on centering the hair and shaving the side, so a cordless clipper is necessary to apply this cut. To adopt this hairstyle, you really need a little bit longer hair and you need to decide whether you want to use gel or let it lay because of this difference in the length of the centering hair. To be sure, that the size of the centering hair is the need, start the cutting process from the center and then continue with the sides. To apply this step concisely, you can design a mask and follow the lines of it that all sides are equally cut. You can easily have a stand-up Mohawk cut by using gel or glue and comb the remaining hair in the contradicting side.


-High and tight: It is known as the military haircut. A simple hairstyle that needs no fading. The top used to be thicker just one higher size than the sides, which are shaved. Nowadays, men stylists have added their touch to this cut; they sometimes let the frontier part longer than the other head. It is called a high and cut because when cutting the hair, you are combining a narrow haircut with a shorter size on the sides.  Simply, set the clipper on one or two for the top head and lower this to zero or one to the sides.

-Flattop: young boys would like this cut for their favorite video games characters always have it. It is also called as a horseshoe flat top. To get this haircut, start by cutting the sides and the back of your head in a contrasting way of your hair. This haircut needs a still motionless head, so the flat top could apply successfully. Regarding the length of the hair, you could choose the length you like, but the cut should go from the longer to the shorter slightly. When you finish, wash your head and dry it out with your hot air dryer. You can use gel or wax to raise the frontier part of the head.


-Crew cut: It is considered the hardest men haircut among the others, but still not impossible. Because of that, try to have your sample in front of your eyes while applying this cut even if are professional. As this haircut includes a great deal of fading, be sure that your blades are ready before starting. Start cutting the sides and the back of the head. Then switch the guard size to make a transition in the upper part. Leave the frontier part little bit longer to be styled into bangs or parts.


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What Are The Types of Shower Heads?

rain-shower-headShower heads are the most popular bathroom accessories spreading wings all over the globe with flamboyance. The need for rain shower system installed in the house is growing rapidly. There are many aspects to consider before selecting a shower head and one such major aspect is to know the variations of shower heads available in the market. A basic shower head serves the purpose of creating a convenient atmosphere to clean the body without much effort. Modern designers out of thirst to add innovative ideas created different types of shower heads. You can check the top shower head models at finest shower.

Different shower heads for different users

Basically, two types of shower heads are identified and have further ramifications.

  • Fixed shower heads
  • Hand-held shower heads

These basic variations are further divided with specific information and design tactics. The following is a comprehensive list of theDirectional-Shower-Head types of shower heads obtainable in the market:

  • Wall mounted shower head: This is the basic type found in most homes. This is considered the most economical way of installing rain shower system and most plumbers are aware of the process. The standard archetype of shower head is wall mounted shower head. However, care must be taken to adjust the height levels according to the height of the members in the family as wrong installation may cause the stream to decrease in flow.
  • Ceiling mounted shower head: This will attract a lot of admirers and is to be specially fitted to the ceiling. It is purposeful in the case of a rain shower head where the effect of natural rain is desired by the user. Natural effect is derived as the water takes more time to reach the body; in the mean time gravity will make the droplets spherical attaining a rain like environment.
  • Hand-held showers: These kinds of showers are known for the flexibility more than the pressure at which water is pumped. However, kids find it really playful to use a hand-held shower. The reach for the showers is also a useful aspect and can be considered before making a decision.
  • Rain shower heads: These are available in all the mounted variants and are a great choice to have a natural experience of rain. Instead of projection of jet streams; mild and soothing fall of water is perceived which provides a relaxant effect to the user. There are multiple settings to maximize or minimize the flow of water.
  • Dual shower head: It consists of both fixed and hand-held shower heads mainly designed for multipurpose use.
  • Double shower head: These shower heads can be used by two persons at once.
  • LED shower heads: These are trendy shower heads which add a glow to your bathroom. This makes the bathroom luxurious and pleasant.
  • Speaker shower heads: These shower heads will enable to listen to favorite music and having a shower at the same time. There are a lot of technological advancements available that can be installed in such shower heads.

There are miscellaneous variations which are not used often. If you are interested in getting a new shower head keep in mind the performance of the product and select the one that suits your requirement.

How to Buy an Infrared Heater? Buying Guide

infrared heaterInfrared heaters are totally different from the rest of the heaters. Just imagine how the infrared lights work. Infrared heaters work differently from the rest of the heaters. They give off heat like the heat of the sun. We feel the heat by absorption process. The heat release from the heaters is directly absorbed by the skin and clothing eventually causing us to feel the heat. So? How to buy infrared heater? Buying guide is herein provided for.

Remember these:

Infrared heater is powered either by electricity of natural gas. Having worried of the mounting electric bills you might perhaps opt to buy one powered by natural gas. Well, you may if you do not care about the harmful effect of fumes vent into your homes. Take note that, gas has adverse effect to one’s health.  Electrically powered heaters are actually safe to your health. Should anyone suffering from asthma or allergy, they are safe with electric powered heater. Yes, your electric bill may increase but the value used for the payment of bills may be less important to the value of your health. You are given the premise to either sacrifice the health of your family or sacrificed your budget in order to meet certain needs of your homes .

Note these additional tips on how to buy an infrared heater

infrared-heater-buying-guideInternal heating element. This factor to consider. Note, infrared heaters are made of quartz, stainless steel or ceramic. The most preferred element is the ceramic stones because they are known of its positive temperature coefficient. These stones are capable to stop heating when the heating temperature in the place is achieved. However, they are costly and more difficult to be replaced in case of damage. On the one hand, quartz heating elements are cheap and easy to use. To arrive a certain efficacy of heating performance, the quartz bulb and the stainless steel can be combined to get the most desired heat temperature.

Consumers may also consider the life expectancy of the quartz bulb. There is quartz bulb with longer life span of more or less 20,000 hours but cost bigger price but with expectancy guarantee. There are also expensive model of infrared lights which cover some built-in electric thermostats which can be controlled by turning on and shutting down of the units. These models will facilitate comfort of the members of the family who have built the desired warmth in the room. Though, the heat produced by these shut off upon turning off except for the ceramic stones internal heating element because the latter have the capacity to retain heat.

Those tips mentioned earlier on how to buy an infrared heater? Buying guide helps one decide for his heater. To note infrared heaters are not always recommended to home users. These heaters have adverse effect to human beings when use in longer period of time. Imagine the heating process of the room by absorption? How could you imagine the damage it might cause to your health?

Giving you the guide to buy is also tantamount to your decision for the welfare of the health of your love ones.

Importance of a Garbage Disposal at Home

One of the daily struggles of mothers is making sure that your home is squeaky clean. We don’t want to see our husbands or children sick so we exert extra effort to ensure the cleanliness of our homes.

A major source of bacteria is garbage. And believe me, I hate throwing out the trash. I feel like I can never get rid of the germs in my hand. I also don’t like the feeling that there is garbage left inside the house. It’s a terrible obsessive compulsive mommy problem!

garbage disposals

This is why when we decided to renovate our kitchen; I decided to buy a garbage disposal unit. A garbage disposal unit is a device that is electrically powered that is installed between the drain and the trap of your sink so that it shreds food waste into small pieces so it can pass through your plumbing seamlessly.

Importance of a Garbage Disposal to Moms

  • Sanitary Home Condition – as I mentioned a while back, mothers have the need to install a garbage disposal unit so that you incur less garbage in your home. Thus, there is also less chance of attracting pesky pests and insects that could give your children unwanted illnesses.
  • Way of Saving Money – you don’t need to spend as much for garbage transportation because everything goes through your plumbing. In addition to this, you won’t need to shell out cash for garbage plastic bags every now and then. I find it very difficult to dispose of garbage using cheap plastic bags that’s why I end up buying expensive ones. But ever since I had a garbage disposal installed, I didn’t need to buy so many garbage bags anymore.
  • Educating Children of Proper Waste Management – my children was intrigued of the “thing” installed in the kitchen sink. When I explained it to them, they were also able to learn proper waste management. As a mother and an environmentalist, I deem this very important because the world is not getting any better. All that we can do is to control the situation by teaching our kids how to segregate trash properly.

See a video to install a garbage disposal at home:

Mommy Shopping Tips for a Garbage Disposal

  • Material – Look for a garbage disposal that has stainless steel blades. It’s very easy for your rust to come up your sink again most especially if there is a clog. Rust is very dangerous to health. It’s toxic and can harm your children seriously.
  • Motor Size – The motor size you look for will depend on how big your family is. The bigger the family, the more garbage you are going to need to shred, thus you’re going to need a bigger motor.
  • Dishwasher Attachment – Some garbage disposal units have dishwasher attachments. The one I bought had one as well because I have a dishwasher. The attachment allows a tube to flush the waste from the dirty dishes into the garbage disposal. Don’t worry, the hook up is very easy to do.
  • Noise Reduction – For obvious reasons, you will need a garbage disposal that doesn’t emit so much noise because as mothers, we often do house chores when kids are asleep. You can ask anyone looking after appliance stores to assist you with hearing the noise of garbage disposals.

Before buying a garbage disposal, make sure that you have a plumber check out your place so that you don’t encounter any problems after installation. We recommend you read this post from before you decide. Garbage disposals last for years as long as you don’t accidentally throw something into your drainage that could cause damage to the blades. With careful use, you can really utilize this great appliance for your disposal!

How to Keep my Foodies for my Kids!

A Vacuum Sealer is one small kitchen appliance that is so nifty that most mothers want it in their kitchen. We’ve all learned what a vacuum space is way back in primary school and we’ve done lots of experiments about it in Science class. This makes it super exciting to use the technique in real life.

What is a Vacuum Sealer for?

Vacuum sealer is for vacuum packing and is a method of packaging that removes air from the packing. This may seem like extra effort for a lot of people but it actually extends the shelf life of many kinds of food whenever you pack it this way. It reduces the atmospheric oxygen inside the package. Thus, this type of packing limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi in your food. It’s a great way to store food most especially for moms like me that are very cautious when it comes to the food that we feed our children.

But the initial reason why I opted to buy my own is because I needed a space saver both in my fridge and in my food pantry. I simply cannot afford to go back and the forth the grocery now that I am juggling work and household chores. Ever since I had my Vacuum Sealer, I was able to create the so much space in my kitchen storage that I can store up to more than 2 weeks’ worth of food.vacuum sealers

Types of Vacuum Sealers

Nozzle Sealer – This vacuum sealer is also known as the Snorkel Sealer. This kind of sealer will allow you to seal faster and it also lets you have more control over the bag you are sealing. This is great if you are not used to the process of vacuum sealing. Usually, this type of sealer also has a foot pedal so you can use both hands to hold the package you are sealing.

Chamber Sealer – Consider the chamber sealer as a more powerful one because it can vacuum more oxygen but it does it more slowly. Well, you know what they say, slowly but surely. They are not foot pedal operated unlike nozzle sealers but they are automatic. According to SealerLab editors, these sealers have sensors that activate right away once the lid of your machine is closed. Pretty nifty stuff!

Gas Flush Sealer – If you are looking into purchasing a vacuum sealer so you can preserve food, then this is the best sealer to buy. Aside from saving lots of space, the gas flush sealer submits an inert gas into the package so you can minimize the amount of oxygen inside and prolong preservation of food.

Compact Chamber – this may be considered a downgrade from chamber sealers because chamber sealers are more of for commercial use. So if you don’t do so much sealing, then this could be great for you.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Vacuum Sealers

I thought that the only benefit you would get is saving space and preserving, but there’s actually more!

Top 1: Flavor and Nutrients – not only do you preserve your food, you also need not worry that they would taste different. If you vacuum seal your food, they would still taste good every time you re-open them. This is what I have proven in vacuum sealing my dried mangoes!Vacuum Sealer

Top 2: Meal Planning – for mothers like me, meal planning is something that I take very seriously. But it becomes a challenge to plan meals when you don’t have so many raw materials in your kitchen. The best way to plan your meals is to have lots of resources. I can buy lots of meat, vegies, fruits and other ingredients and I don’t even need to worry about using them right away.

Top 3: Grocery Shopping Becomes Cheaper – this is mainly because buying by bulk is a lot less expensive. I was able to use a lot of my coupons that were about to expire when I purchased a vacuum sealer.

Top 4: Organized Space – we’ve all arrived home just to see the fridge so messy and unorganized. I mean, who wants to work in a kitchen like that anyway? I know I don’t! Fixing my fridge and pantry has become a lot more fun ever since I used vacuum packing.

Top 5: No More Freezer Burn – I find this very helpful because I hate it when food in my meat gets freezer burn. Now I don’t need to worry about it anymore.


So, should you buy a vacuum sealer or not? In my opinion, it’s going to make your lives a lot easier. Just be very careful of what type you buy. You don’t need a bulky one or a heavy duty one. Just buy one that fits your needs and your family’s. See more kitchen appliances here!

Mom’s Rice Should be Perfect!

rice cookerA Rice Cooker is an electric kitchen appliance used to steam rice the traditional way, only easier. Not so many people, especially in America, know about rice cookers because they don’t really add rice in their daily consumption of meals. But ever since my family developed a love for Asia Food like Makis and Kimbobs, I was compelled to buy our very own rice cooker. Before preparing the mentioned dishes, I am going to need perfectly steamed rice. And without a rice cooker, I won’t be able to achieve this.

Honestly, I had no idea what to ask for when I was looking for something that could cook rice. I was convinced that I should look for a traditional steamer to get the traditional Asian taste. Of course, I didn’t find any except in traditional oriental shops. When I walked around some more, I found a small rice cooker that definitely wanted to come home with me.

How Do Rice Cookers Work?

The rice cooker has a removable bowl. That’s where you will measure uncooked rice and wash it. If you put 2 cups of rice, you will need to put 2 cups of water as well. This proportion may vary depending on how soft you want your rice to be. After measuring your rice, you will simply need to put the removable bowl in the cooker which has a heater and a thermostat. You are going to have to push down on the “Cook” setting so that the spring under the thermostat so that it has good thermal contact with the bowl. Eventually, you will notice that the water is being absorbed by the rice as it slowly gets the cook. The best thing about rice cookers is that it does not burn your food because once it detects that your rice is perfectly steamed, it automatically changes the “cook” setting to “warm”.


Benefits of Using a Rice Cooker

When I bought my rice cooker, a lot of people asked me why I bought such. Do I really need it? Are rice cookers extremely important in the kitchen for mothers like me? And what benefits do they really bring? I have asked myself the same before even buying one so I have consolidated a list of benefits. According to Cookermag Editors, rice cookers have 5 important benefits!

  • Never Burns Rice – you literally do not have to check on it from time to time. Once the rice is cooked, like what was mentioned above, the “cook” setting automatically turns into “warm”. Even if you leave it on overnight, nothing bad is going to happen unlike with other kitchen appliances. It’s just going to keep your rice warm enough so that people can eat it when they’re ready.
  • Easy Measurements – when you buy a rice cooker, you will notice that there are lines inside the rice bowl. That’s where you are going to see how much water you are going to use. It’s very easy to understand. I’m lucky because the rice cooker I bought includes a free standard measuring cup which makes it even easier to measure rice and water without any waste.
  • Uniform Cooking – during my research, I discovered that rice is very difficult to harvest. Every grain of rice counts. That’s why it’s extremely important that you don’t waste even just a single grain of it. If you use a regular cooking pan, you will most likely burn the rice at the bottom even if you cook it in slow heat. But if you use a rice cooker, it assures you that you cook the rice evenly.

Different Types of Rice Cookers

Basically, there are 3 different kinds of rice cookers.

  1. On/Off Cookers – this kind of rice cooker shuts off automatically. This is ideal for those who will do something else with their rice except to eat it as it is. If you are into eating fried rice for breakfast, then you should use an on/off rice cooker so you can just cook the rice before going to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, your rice will be cold and ready for frying.
  2. Cook and Keep Warm Cookers – this kind of rice cooker is great when you want to eat your rice right away with a viand or a different dish. This is they kind of rice cooker that I bought because it is more versatile than the first one.
  3. Rice Cooker with Steamer – some rice cookers features a steamer where you can steam different kinds of food like fish, dumplings or even buttered vegetables. It makes cooking a lot easier!

If you really want to experiment with new dishes, then I strongly suggest you get a rice cooker. I definitely do not regret getting mine.

Best Styling Tools for Moms

To us girls’, having gorgeous locks is a big YES in our book. It should be pinned, straightened, curled or waved. And fortunately for us there are many products out there that can help us do those styles and more. Now, the only problem left is that which one is the right one for you.  I have listed down all the hot new styling tools and their uses, hopefully this can help you find the best one for you.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Straight hair will never be hard again. Using this tool is amazingly fast and effortless plus it can be done at home. Ceramic flat irons are commonly viewed as the best tool that gives the least amount of damage to your hair. While you straighten your hair it produces infrared heat and negative ions Ceramic Flat Ironsto seal in moisture. If used properly and your hair is properly prepped for hair straightening you can enjoy straight hair all day without much damage from heat. To properly prep your hair before you use your flat iron, make sure that your hair is clean and you use both shampoo and conditioners that are for specifically for straightening hair or for moisturizing. Then when hair is slightly damp apply heat serum products to your hair to protect it from damage. Then blow dry it because you need your hair to be totally dry when using the

If used properly and your hair is properly prepped for hair straightening you can enjoy straight hair all day without much damage from heat. To properly prep your hair before you use your flat iron, make sure that your hair is clean and you use both shampoo and conditioners that are for specifically for straightening hair or for moisturizing. Then when hair is slightly damp apply heat serum products to your hair to protect it from damage. Then blow dry it because you need your hair to be totally dry when using the

Then blow dry it because you need your hair to be totally dry when using the most appropriate flat iron for your hair, There are some informative websites who review such products based on your hair type. Now once it is totally dry, now is the time to use the flat iron. There are numbered heat settings in the flat iron so use the one of your desired heating range. Always remember though that the thinner your hair the lowest heat should be applied so that you won’t have hair breakage or damage much.

After that you need to separate or create sections to your hair but using some clamps. Get a section of your hair and place the flat iron about an inch away from the roots. Using a fluid sweeping motion, run the flat iron all the way to the tips of your hair. Continue doing this until your hair is straight. Continue this process to all your hair sections. Then lastly apply leave-on conditioner to help it last longer

Using a fluid sweeping motion, run the flat iron all the way to the tips of your hair. Continue doing this until your hair is straight. Continue this process to all your hair sections. Then lastly apply leave-on conditioner to help it last longer

Curling Irons

mom hair stylingAnother popular hot styling tool is the curling iron. Just like the flat iron, curling iron can be done at home and is fast and convenient to use.

To start it with first you need to heat up the iron. Better start with the lowest temperature if you aren’t sure of what your hair type is but usually if you have fine hair the temperature should be 320 degrees and 430 degrees if you have a thicker hair. Using the lowest temperature will ensure though that the damage done to your hair is minimal.


Brush your hair and make sure that it is tangle free. Apply heat protectant to your hair and make sections too.

Using the wand, wrap a section of your hair around the barrel. Make sure that you do not overlap your hair because it will minimize the heat distributed to your hair causing some parts to be limp. Also when curling per sections, make sure that you alter from counter-clockwise, and clockwise direction for a more natural stunning effect. Lastly apply some spray on anti-frizz hair serum or leave on conditioner.



Hot Air Brushes

This is the easiest way to have natural big curls for your hair. Simply plug it in, let it heat a bit, then wrap your hair around it and slowly work your way down. Stop periodically while your hair is in the brush then continue your way down to your tips. Do the same process to your other locks until you achieved your desired look. The curls will remain until you washed your hair.

With the above tools mentioned, always make sure that heating tool is not too hot for your hair, and to unplug it when not in use. Also be mindful to not always use heating tools everyday since this will create damage to your hair causing it to be dry, frizzy and break. It is advisable to use this only once or twice a week so that the hair can relax.


Hair Removal?

Before buying a hair removal tool, it is advisable to do a thorough online research. But after reading all those websites, you’re gonna be more confused because they are all well commercialized. We know that you are a priceless and as well as your legs,  not every girl will want to buy the same product.  But if you read in detail, you will understand the difference between products. We found that SmoothskinLab is one of those websites that is comparing products’ features. Have a look at all websites and collect all information before you decide.


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Filtering my Water / Home Filtration Systems

Water is very important in our daily lives, without water we will no longer live. It is very important to conserve water so that we won’t experience drought. Life is very hard, especially if we don’t have water. Fresh water is very limited, especially during drought. If we only could use water from the sea, maybe we can no longer experience limited water supply. But, we really know that we can’t use water from the ocean because of being salty. We can’t even drink, nor use it for our daily uses, that are why our government is always reminding us to conserve water and use water properly. When people do not observe proper conservation of water, the time will come that we will no longer have water. That is why we should really observe the proper use of water; we should make sure that we will not be wasting water anymore. Drought is

We can’t even drink, nor use it for our daily uses, that is why our government is always reminding us to conserve water and use water properly. When people do not observe proper conservation of water, the time will come that we will no longer have water. That is why we should really observe the proper use of water; we should make sure that we will not be wasting water anymore. This is why water filtration has a vital role.

That is why we should really observe the proper use of water; we should make sure that we will not be wasting water anymore. Drought is a very big problem with our government that is why they are looking some ways to use the sea water for our daily use.

Because we all know that sea water is too salty and we can’t use it as drinking water and to grow our plants. But in today’s modern technology we can now use sea water for our daily uses. When this happens, we will be able to use it every time we needed a water for our daily activities. reverse osmosis filters

The Reverse Osmosis

It is the answer to most of our questions regarding making the sea water turn into fresh water. This process of desalination or the removing of salt from the sea water became possible and we can now use the water from the sea for our daily use. you may get further information from about the process. 

This process is also used for recycling and wastewater treatment, this can also be used to produce energy. Reverse osmosis is a very useful technology to have so far, that is why it is really very important to have this so that even though we have limited fresh water we don’t get worried because we can now use the water from the sea.

This process works by diffusion of water into a semipermeable membrane that blocks the passage of the dissolved salts. In simplest terms, it is a process of removing the salt in the sea water by using modern technology that will be able to help us in treating sea water so that we can use it in our daily activities.

Biggest Issues Today

We all know that water issues are one of the biggest issues every government is facing today that is why most countries really experiencing water importation from another country because of too much use of water. Extreme drought was caused by lots of weather changes like the climate change; we all know that climate change results to many disasters in our weather like floods, drought and too much increase of sea water.

Overpopulation is also resulting in limited water supply, especially pollution that a result of over population from certain places. Water treatment nowadays is very important, we can also use water treatment plant to help the treatment of your water and this reverse osmosis to address these problems.

There are also some countries that adopting this process because of lack of fresh water, but the abundance of sea water, it is really important to have this kind of technology in places, especially the kind of place that is very abundant in sea water and not with fresh water.

Using this kind of process is very helpful to every one of us because it gives us a very comfortable way of living because it will give us another perspective of innovating our life by using a modern technology. It is very important that we really need to take care of our environment so that it will provide us lots of natural resources. It is also very important to avoid throwing garbage to avoid pollution.