Being a mother especially a new mom can be both challenging and rewarding. This website is especially dedicated and made for active moms such as myself dealing with motherhood and the challenges behind it.

It is quite tough to juggle work, chores and kids in one day. And being a mom is a 24 hour work that has no rest day or no exact hours of rest. But who’s complaining? I am certainly not. That is why I made this website to help young moms out there to survive and just simply enjoy motherhood.

In this website I have provided articles for organizing the house, kids’ safety tips, food tips, practical home improvement tips, child care tips, tips when buying stuffs and also articles to make chores at home simple and easy to do. There are also articles about the wonder of breastfeeding and some recipes you and your family will surely enjoy.

I also made some articles about how to make ourselves looking pretty even as a mother. We shouldn’t let ourselves go when we became a mother, we should still look our best even after giving birth and gaining weight. I have made some articles on how to do that and still make your man fall in love with you all over again like hair care tips and skin cares!

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