Benefits of a dehydrator from a child health point?

I think all mothers go through the phase of wanting to be a master chef. I’m at the point of learning how to bake. I’ve found it very convenient to use dried food for cheesecakes, cakes, cupcakes, bread and almost every pastry in the world! There are many dried fruits in the grocery store, but it’s a lot more fun if you use a Food Dehydrator.

Food drying is a way to preserve not just fruits, but vegetables as well. In the ancient times, people used to dry their food the old –fashioned way by leaving it in a table top to air dry but thanks to technology because now we have food dehydrators. Here are some tips for food sealing in this post.

How does a Food Dehydrator work?

Basically, this small appliance will preserve your food by removing the moisture from it. When moisture is eliminated, it automatically extends the shelf life of your pantry supplies because there is no longer any water where bacteria can grow. I’ve done it many times even with tomatoes and I have proven it to be true! I actually spend a lot of time researching different kinds of food that I can dehydrate. My kids mostly enjoyHow does a Food Dehydrator work? eating dried mangoes. I slice some mangoes, put them in sugar and dehydrate them. As the dehydrator removes the moisture from the healthy fruit, the mangoes also absorb the sweetness of the sugar. It’s an easy and healthy to-go snack for my children.

How is a Food Dehydrator Beneficial to my Children?

I’m speaking from experience here when I say that my children appreciated eating vegetables and fruits more often ever since I started dehydrating them.

Some mothers would argue that dehydrating food would deprive its consumer of the majority of the vitamins and minerals present in it. But this is not true at all. In fact, even if a food is dehydrated, it delivers the same amount of minerals and nutrients as its fresh counterpart.

It’s a challenge to let my children eat fiber rich foods to aid in their digestion because they aren’t delicious. But uncooked food can be easily delicious once they’re dehydrated. In fact, this technique has been used in fiber rich foods way, way back the biblical times. My kids eat dehydrated vegetables on a daily basis. I simply slice them into small pieces and mix them in different dishes and sometimes, even sauces. My little girl particularly likes her chicken with a gravy sauce that I make that includes dried mushrooms.

Another benefit that can help your mothering objectives is the fact that this kitchen appliance is very cost effective. Dried fruits and vegetables are quite expensive when sold in the market. But if you dehydrate it yourself, it’s like you slashed your expenses in half.

Healthy snacking is also one benefit that you and your kids enjoy. Your children can get the crunch that they love from unhealthy potato chips from dehydrated nuts or banana chips. I have actually invested in cute containers so my children can bring these healthy snacks to school. The best thing about letting your children bring dehydrated food to school is that it does not become messy. There is no moisture involved at all. They keep their things and themselves clean.  No more washing stained shirts during laundry day!

Food Dehydrator Tips

I’ve been using my food dehydrator for a little over 5 months and here are some tips I want to share. For further info check this ultimate list of dehydrator usage!

  1. Separate Flavors – don’t mix the sweet with the savory. You’re not going to like how that turns out. Just make a schedule for when you want to dehydrate different flavors.
  2. Cut Fruits or Vegies in half – I have found it a lot faster to dehydrate if I cut in half grapes, tomatoes, cherries and similar food.
  3. Don’t Overlap Food – as mothers, we have the tendency to maximize our space. It’s not the case for food dehydrators. As much as possible, just dry one kind of food at a time so that you don’t mix flavors together, unless you’re using all those food in one dish.

I strongly suggest mothers like me who love to cook start saving a budget for a food dehydrator. You may check product reviews online. I may recommend one expert for reviews.

This is one kitchen appliance that is totally worth it!

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