Choosing a Trendy Hairstyle for your Son

Deciding your children’s haircut depends mainly on your child’s character. Besides, you, as a modern man, do not want to appear in the same hairstyle look every day. Therefore, this article shall illustrate you some techniques you can adapt to get your hairstyle at home without consuming your money and time at the saloon.

There are some necessary tools the man needs to consider before thinking of cutting his hair at home, i.e. a good sharp scissor, a fine-tooth comb, and a clipper and sometimes you would need a fair spray. There are plenty of informative websites to help you choose appropriate clippers, you may check HairstylerLab for detailed comparison charts. Be careful, each one of these tools has different types and features, so you have to choose the one that suits your hair-type, prosperity, and density. Besides, these tools differ depending on the age – children, teenagers, and youths. However, whatever tool you preferred to use, be sure that it is in a good quality and gives the requested results.

To cut your hair at home, just follow these simple steps:

-First, wash your hair with some water because the wet hair is better to better to style and cut your hair easily, or you can wet it with some spray, that would be ok.mohawk with clippers

-Now, divide your hair into some sections with your comb, so the cutting process can go easily.

-Put the hair between your fingers and start cutting each section alone.

-After each cut checks the equality of the length of the sections with your comb.

– Your fingers are your best tool to raise the hair up your head and estimate the length in front of your mirror.

– It is your choice whether to shave the parts that are beside your ears and up your neck.

Once you have decided to cut your hair yourself, you have to decide what hairstyle you want to apply. Here are some common models you can pick.

Mohawk: An American origin hairstyle. It depends mainly on centering the hair and shaving the side, so a cordless clipper is necessary to apply this cut. To adopt this hairstyle, you really need a little bit longer hair and you need to decide whether you want to use gel or let it lay because of this difference in the length of the centering hair. To be sure, that the size of the centering hair is the need, start the cutting process from the center and then continue with the sides. To apply this step concisely, you can design a mask and follow the lines of it that all sides are equally cut. You can easily have a stand-up Mohawk cut by using gel or glue and comb the remaining hair in the contradicting side.


-High and tight: It is known as the military haircut. A simple hairstyle that needs no fading. The top used to be thicker just one higher size than the sides, which are shaved. Nowadays, men stylists have added their touch to this cut; they sometimes let the frontier part longer than the other head. It is called a high and cut because when cutting the hair, you are combining a narrow haircut with a shorter size on the sides.  Simply, set the clipper on one or two for the top head and lower this to zero or one to the sides.

-Flattop: young boys would like this cut for their favorite video games characters always have it. It is also called as a horseshoe flat top. To get this haircut, start by cutting the sides and the back of your head in a contrasting way of your hair. This haircut needs a still motionless head, so the flat top could apply successfully. Regarding the length of the hair, you could choose the length you like, but the cut should go from the longer to the shorter slightly. When you finish, wash your head and dry it out with your hot air dryer. You can use gel or wax to raise the frontier part of the head.


-Crew cut: It is considered the hardest men haircut among the others, but still not impossible. Because of that, try to have your sample in front of your eyes while applying this cut even if are professional. As this haircut includes a great deal of fading, be sure that your blades are ready before starting. Start cutting the sides and the back of the head. Then switch the guard size to make a transition in the upper part. Leave the frontier part little bit longer to be styled into bangs or parts.


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