Importance of a Garbage Disposal at Home

One of the daily struggles of mothers is making sure that your home is squeaky clean. We don’t want to see our husbands or children sick so we exert extra effort to ensure the cleanliness of our homes.

A major source of bacteria is garbage. And believe me, I hate throwing out the trash. I feel like I can never get rid of the germs in my hand. I also don’t like the feeling that there is garbage left inside the house. It’s a terrible obsessive compulsive mommy problem!

garbage disposals

This is why when we decided to renovate our kitchen; I decided to buy a garbage disposal unit. A garbage disposal unit is a device that is electrically powered that is installed between the drain and the trap of your sink so that it shreds food waste into small pieces so it can pass through your plumbing seamlessly.

Importance of a Garbage Disposal to Moms

  • Sanitary Home Condition – as I mentioned a while back, mothers have the need to install a garbage disposal unit so that you incur less garbage in your home. Thus, there is also less chance of attracting pesky pests and insects that could give your children unwanted illnesses.
  • Way of Saving Money – you don’t need to spend as much for garbage transportation because everything goes through your plumbing. In addition to this, you won’t need to shell out cash for garbage plastic bags every now and then. I find it very difficult to dispose of garbage using cheap plastic bags that’s why I end up buying expensive ones. But ever since I had a garbage disposal installed, I didn’t need to buy so many garbage bags anymore.
  • Educating Children of Proper Waste Management – my children was intrigued of the “thing” installed in the kitchen sink. When I explained it to them, they were also able to learn proper waste management. As a mother and an environmentalist, I deem this very important because the world is not getting any better. All that we can do is to control the situation by teaching our kids how to segregate trash properly.

See a video to install a garbage disposal at home:

Mommy Shopping Tips for a Garbage Disposal

  • Material – Look for a garbage disposal that has stainless steel blades. It’s very easy for your rust to come up your sink again most especially if there is a clog. Rust is very dangerous to health. It’s toxic and can harm your children seriously.
  • Motor Size – The motor size you look for will depend on how big your family is. The bigger the family, the more garbage you are going to need to shred, thus you’re going to need a bigger motor.
  • Dishwasher Attachment – Some garbage disposal units have dishwasher attachments. The one I bought had one as well because I have a dishwasher. The attachment allows a tube to flush the waste from the dirty dishes into the garbage disposal. Don’t worry, the hook up is very easy to do.
  • Noise Reduction – For obvious reasons, you will need a garbage disposal that doesn’t emit so much noise because as mothers, we often do house chores when kids are asleep. You can ask anyone looking after appliance stores to assist you with hearing the noise of garbage disposals.

Before buying a garbage disposal, make sure that you have a plumber check out your place so that you don’t encounter any problems after installation. We recommend you read this post from before you decide. Garbage disposals last for years as long as you don’t accidentally throw something into your drainage that could cause damage to the blades. With careful use, you can really utilize this great appliance for your disposal!

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