Gear Review! Are Wine Coolers Really Different from Standard Fridges?

wineFor wine lovers, probably you will need to store several bottles in your house. This is awesome especially when you have guests around, because sipping some wine will take your conversation to another level. However, many of you face challenges when it comes to wine keeping. If you have a standard refrigerator, it will not do the best for wine storage.

You may have come across various terms such as home refrigerators and wine coolers, but they have distinct meaning and uses. Home fridges are typically for storing food and specific beverages, but not suitable for wines. Home fridges vary temperatures and other people keep on opening it frequently. As stated by WineCoolerLab, the best wine coolers are not frequently used by family members. Therefore, wine sediments can comfortably settle and help in preserving your wine. They also maintain the corks moist, and prevent air from entering the bottle. Note this; air entering the bottle can spoil your wine!

Additional benefits of wine coolers are that they are portable, though depending on the number of bottles inside. You can as well regulate temperature and humidity you want for your wines. As I said earlier, sediments need to be allowed to settle undisturbed. Home fridges vibrate, thus interfering with the state of your wines. So, if you want the wine to have that good taste, use wine coolers instead of the standard home fridges.

Main Differences between Wine Coolers and Standard Fridges

  1. Temperature regulation

Wine coolers are designed with temperature range set for wines to stay at finest temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted based on what you want, but the range still remains the best optimal for storing wines.

Standard fridges do not store items at a steady temperature, while wine coolers keep items at constant temperature as possible. In addition, wine coolers are not frequently opened and closed, especially where there are kids. Fridges are opened even more than 5 times a day, and this affects the steady temperature required for keeping wines.

  1. Stability of the content’s condition

Wine coolers ensure your wines stay in good conditions until the day you want to drink. They ensure the cork stays moist, hence preventing air from entering the bottle when cork dries up. Due to frequent opening and closing of the fridges, wine corks are likely to dry and allow air into the bottle.

Also, opening and closing keeps ‘disturbing’ the wines, hence interrupting the sediments from settling. This makes the wine to have a different taste, which does not add up to the original flavor you want. It is also difficult to keep the wines on their sides in a fridge, and that is why your wines will have a different tang. Remember, wines should be kept on their sides to maintain the quality of taste. A fridge cannot fit several wine bottles on their sides due to limited space, and therefore the need for a wine cooler to store them.

  1. Convenience in storage

If you receive visitors frequently, you will need to store different kinds of wines. For instance, red and white wines cater for people with different preferences. If you usually drink both, you will want to keep them in your house too. Wine coolers have separate compartments to store different wines, unlike fridges. Every compartment has its own temperature control, ensuring wines stay at their optimum temperatures.

  1. Vibrations

Standard fridges usually vibrate, making them unfit for keeping wines. As I said earlier, best wine should be allowed to settle its sediments without disturbances. The best units to store your wines are wine coolers, as they don’t vibrate too hard. Even though you will open the wine cooler occasionally, that small change in temperature cannot ruin your wines. I don’t mean wine coolers don’t vibrate at all. What they have is a steady fine vibration that cannot be felt by the wine bottles.

  1. Compressor cooling system

Most wine coolers with thermoelectric cooling systems ensure minimal vibrations. They are ideal for storing wines, unlike standard fridges that vibrate vividly. Fridges are made to store food stuffs, and they have too many parts to cater for that. This is why they are always vibrating, and can harm the quality of your wines.

If you really like drinking wine, it is better to have your wine cooler alongside the standard fridge. Both units are essential, as you will not be tempted to store wine in the fridge. Also, the fridge will take care of preserving you foods without worrying about the quality of your wines.

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