As a mother, I know how it feels to maintain a kitchen. It’s a lot of work -that’s true! But it can be a lot of fun as well, from the interior decoration to the cupboard installations and everything in between. But on this edition, I’d like to focus on something I’m obsessing about for over a few weeks now – small kitchen appliances.

I’ve done an ample amount of research regarding this topic. I’ve jumped from website to website and hopped from store to store looking for a selection of essential small appliances for every mother’s kitchen and I tell you, it’s a very unforgettable experience. I was expecting to see microwaves, blenders, coffee makers and the like. Who would have thought that there would be more appliances than those?

There were Rice Cookers, for those who enjoy eating rice with their meals. There are vacuum sealers that, I believe, a lot of you have not heard of. Garbage disposals were also available in a small size, which totally surprised me. And another great pick, which I think most moms should accessorize their kitchens with are Dehydrators.

I know those appliances sound foreign to you, but don’t worry. I’ve dedicated enough time to put together a comprehensive knowledgebase for mothers out there who want to know more about them.