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Monday, August 25, 2008

99 Balloons and 99 Poops

Posted by Missy W. @ 5:14 AM

Since I’m just crabby at home with an overdue child, I asked the fine mommas over at Rookie Moms to write a guest review for me. Thanks, ladies!

Like many new toilet trainees, my son is mastering the art of #2 a few months after he mastered #1.  Even though my rational mind tells me that more patience is required, my eager-to-stop-cleaning-poopy-pull-ups mind has determined that MORE BRIBING is the answer.  I believe, however, that I’ve hit the jackpot in terms of bribery.

I purchased blik wall decals for both of my kids rooms, and they are totally adorable.  Julian’s bedroom is not quite done, though.  And that is because the set of stickers I bought for him is made up of 99 red balloons and we apply one balloon every time he successfully, er, makes a deposit in the toilet.  He is thrilled with his balloon wall and shows it to everyone who comes to our house.  All eight apple red balloons, each one representing a victory in the life of a preschooler.

The balloon set comes in seven different candy colors and comes with grey strings.  They look totally adorable on his sky blue walls, and I am convinced that the rate at which he “earns” them is bound to accelerate. 

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