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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ikea Inspiration

Posted by Missy W. @ 9:56 AM



MSRP $39.99

Ages Birth and up

4 Faces

Buy from Ikea

I was inspired by this post the other day over at Ohdeedoh. Ohdeedoh reader Patricia had redone her daughter’s art area a while back using the Trofast shelving unit from Ikea (it’s her picture above, not mine!). I decided that our shambly garage sale bookshelf shoved in the corner of the oddly shaped kitchen nook had to go. I took both kids to Ikea (what was I thinking?!) and scooped up the Trofast . It luckily wasn’t that heavy! In a shocking turn of events, it only sat in my entry hall in its box for a week before I put it together. I decided to tackle the project the other day while my kids were playing outside with grandma. It took less than an hour and I didn’t even break anything. That, my friends, is a feat in itself. Sy’s art supplies look sooo much better, even she thinks so. But then, she is way tidier than I’ll EVER be.

The Trofast system comes in all shapes and sizes and I thought about getting the double wide version, but opted for the six drawer combo because really, how many art supplies do we really need in the kitchen nook? Sy loves it and I love that my kitchen nook looks more like civilized people live in it again (barely).

My complaints are few. The screws on the side of the unit (that hold the rails in place) are a bit tough to get completely screwed in, and of course if they are not completely screwed in, the little plastic tubs don’t slide in very well. Sy has to tug which makes me sure it’s going to topple over on her. In a way, the tight drawers are a good thing, it means Baby G won’t be able to get into the drawers as quickly as he hopes to…Roger is going to bolt it to the wall over the weekend as well as tighten the screws. This is why it gets four out of five stars. Other than that, I’m happy as a clam with this nifty little unit.

Happy Spring Cleaning! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway this week!

If you don’t live near an Ikea, don’t worry, you can order this one online!

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