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Monday, September 14, 2009

Non-Plastic Crib Rail Bumpers = Brilliant

Posted by Missy W. @ 8:58 AM

Easy Teether

By Leachco

MSRP $13.99

Ages Birth and up

4.5 Faces

Buy from Amazon

File under: Why oh why didn’t I find this product six months ago??

Baby G chews on everything. It’s actually pretty gross if I stop to think about just how many crayon tips that boy has ingested. He sees me coming, smiles a purple grin and swallows as fast as he can. As soon as he started cutting bottom teeth, he went after his crib rails with a vengeance. He has a big ol’ sleigh crib (his sister’s hand-me-down) and the plastic crib rails don’t fit, which is fine by me since I think it’s a toss up - chewing paint off the wood vs. chewing on some questionably toxic plastic rail.

Enter Leachco Easy Teether cotton crib rail covers. And bonus! They even make XL ones for sleigh (also called convertible) cribs. Because they are such a nice, simple solution, they cost an arm and a leg. Around $13.99 for the main rail (not so bad), but almost $35.00 for the side rails. Highway robbery!

Regardless, I ponied up the cash and had them shipped lickety split to my splintering crib rail domicile.

The skinny:
They are easy to wash.
They don’t lose their shape.
Easy velcro closure.
Not heinous looking (we have the plain white ones).
Little velcro straps hold teethers so your baby can chew on something other than cotton. I don’t use them, mainly because Baby G gave up his crib chewing pursuit once we put the cotton covers on.

Aside from price, I couldn’t scare up much of a “con” list. I suppose I could wish that they were all organic, but as I mentioned before, I believe it’s way better than the paint-in-mouth or chewing-on-plastic rail alternatives. Oh look, they DO make an organic one. Why didn’t I see that one. Ah well, Monday morning quarterback.

Brilliant. Love it. Wish I had known in advance what a little chew-monster I was going to have so I could have preemptively placed them on the rails.
C’est la vie.

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November 15, 2010 @ 11:31 PM

acted said:

Wish I had known in advance what a little chew-monster I was going to have so I could have preemptively placed them on the rails.
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