How to Keep my Foodies for my Kids!

A Vacuum Sealer is one small kitchen appliance that is so nifty that most mothers want it in their kitchen. We’ve all learned what a vacuum space is way back in primary school and we’ve done lots of experiments about it in Science class. This makes it super exciting to use the technique in real life.

What is a Vacuum Sealer for?

Vacuum sealer is for vacuum packing and is a method of packaging that removes air from the packing. This may seem like extra effort for a lot of people but it actually extends the shelf life of many kinds of food whenever you pack it this way. It reduces the atmospheric oxygen inside the package. Thus, this type of packing limits the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi in your food. It’s a great way to store food most especially for moms like me that are very cautious when it comes to the food that we feed our children.

But the initial reason why I opted to buy my own is because I needed a space saver both in my fridge and in my food pantry. I simply cannot afford to go back and the forth the grocery now that I am juggling work and household chores. Ever since I had my Vacuum Sealer, I was able to create the so much space in my kitchen storage that I can store up to more than 2 weeks’ worth of food.vacuum sealers

Types of Vacuum Sealers

Nozzle Sealer – This vacuum sealer is also known as the Snorkel Sealer. This kind of sealer will allow you to seal faster and it also lets you have more control over the bag you are sealing. This is great if you are not used to the process of vacuum sealing. Usually, this type of sealer also has a foot pedal so you can use both hands to hold the package you are sealing.

Chamber Sealer – Consider the chamber sealer as a more powerful one because it can vacuum more oxygen but it does it more slowly. Well, you know what they say, slowly but surely. They are not foot pedal operated unlike nozzle sealers but they are automatic. According to SealerLab editors, these sealers have sensors that activate right away once the lid of your machine is closed. Pretty nifty stuff!

Gas Flush Sealer – If you are looking into purchasing a vacuum sealer so you can preserve food, then this is the best sealer to buy. Aside from saving lots of space, the gas flush sealer submits an inert gas into the package so you can minimize the amount of oxygen inside and prolong preservation of food.

Compact Chamber – this may be considered a downgrade from chamber sealers because chamber sealers are more of for commercial use. So if you don’t do so much sealing, then this could be great for you.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Vacuum Sealers

I thought that the only benefit you would get is saving space and preserving, but there’s actually more!

Top 1: Flavor and Nutrients – not only do you preserve your food, you also need not worry that they would taste different. If you vacuum seal your food, they would still taste good every time you re-open them. This is what I have proven in vacuum sealing my dried mangoes!Vacuum Sealer

Top 2: Meal Planning – for mothers like me, meal planning is something that I take very seriously. But it becomes a challenge to plan meals when you don’t have so many raw materials in your kitchen. The best way to plan your meals is to have lots of resources. I can buy lots of meat, vegies, fruits and other ingredients and I don’t even need to worry about using them right away.

Top 3: Grocery Shopping Becomes Cheaper – this is mainly because buying by bulk is a lot less expensive. I was able to use a lot of my coupons that were about to expire when I purchased a vacuum sealer.

Top 4: Organized Space – we’ve all arrived home just to see the fridge so messy and unorganized. I mean, who wants to work in a kitchen like that anyway? I know I don’t! Fixing my fridge and pantry has become a lot more fun ever since I used vacuum packing.

Top 5: No More Freezer Burn – I find this very helpful because I hate it when food in my meat gets freezer burn. Now I don’t need to worry about it anymore.


So, should you buy a vacuum sealer or not? In my opinion, it’s going to make your lives a lot easier. Just be very careful of what type you buy. You don’t need a bulky one or a heavy duty one. Just buy one that fits your needs and your family’s. See more kitchen appliances here!

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